Towards Efficient Music Similarity Search, Ranking, and Recommendation

In partial fulfillment of the terms for obtaining the Ph.D.-degree, Maria Magdalena Ruxanda will give a lecture on the following subject: “Towards Efficient Music Similarity Search, Ranking, and Recommendation” on Monday 5th of January 2009, 14.00 in room 02.13, SL 300

This lecture addresses the issues of efficient music search, retrieval and recommendation in the setup of large collections of digital music. Music collections available over the World Wide Web or stored in personal collections on Mp3 players, PCs, and media centers have grown drastically. This explosion of digital music available on large-scale emerged into new ways of distributing, consuming, and searching for music. Music information retrieval and recommendation systems that retrieve music similar to other music, have consequently become more and more popular. These developments call for efficient data management and information retrieval techniques for large music collections.

Members of the assessment committee are Associate Professor Andreas Rauber, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, Associate Professor Mario Nascimento, University of Alberta, Canada, and Associate Professor Kristian Torp, Chairman, Aalborg University, Denmark.

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