Torben Bach Pedersen in talkshow about business intelligence

Daisy Professor Torben Bach Pedersen have participated in what is believed to be the world’s first talkshow about business intelligence. The talkshow was shot at TARGIT Decision Day, the annual user gathering of Danish BI vendor TARGIT. Torben Bach Pedersen participated in a panel debate discussing the current status and the future of business intelligence. The other panel participants were Managing Director Jørgen Bardenfleth, Microsoft Denmark,CTO Morten Middelfart, TARGIT, and Director Benny Lohse, Rehfeld Partners.

The panel debate can be seen at YouTube:

Debate part 1 of 3
Debate part 2 of 3
Debate part 3 of 3

The full debate is only available in Danish, but some parts of the talkshow are available with English subtitles (see the other videos at
Danish viewers will recognize former news anchor Søren Kaster as the moderator of the debate.