Spatial knowledge for the protection of sensitive information

Time: Friday 22th August, 9:30 am
Place: Aalborg University, Selma Lagerløfs vej 300, room 0.2.13

Spatial and spatio-temporal knowledge is increasingly applied in a variety of unconventional, i.e. not-the-usual-GIS, application areas. Two of those areas, which are subject of this talk, are information security and privacy. In information security a novel challenge is how to use spatial information to ensure stronger protection of sensitive resources. Although such a vision is not new, as it was pioneered by Dorothy Denning et al. in 1996, core research has started only in the last few years following the widespread use of mobile applications. In this talk, I will overview the research we have carried out to introduce the spatial dimension into access control, with particular concern for access control into the mobile context. I will overview the main ideas behind the GEO-RBAC model and then discuss some open issues which call for more flexible spatial data management solutions. Another area in which spatial knowledge can play an important role for the protection of sensitive information is location privacy. I will overview the motivations behind the approach we are investigating to safeguard location privacy.

Maria Luisa Damiani, Assistant Professor at the University of Milan since 2003. Prior experience in applied research in private and public companies in Italy, mostly in the areas of database, knowledge representation and geographical data management and applications. Currently, the research activity is focused on location-based security and privacy, spatio-temporal modeling and advanced geographical applications in geology and humanities.