Seminar on Privacy in Location-based services by Carmen Ruiz Vicente

Time: Monday 16th November, 14:30
Place: Aalborg University, Selma Lagerløfs vej 300, room 02.90

Recent advances in positioning and tracking technologies lead to the emergence of novel location-based services (LBS) that allow service providers and users to access spatio-temporal information. For example, an application could use location information to notify a user about traffic disruptions in his/her route, or when one of his/her friends is nearby. However, in some cases this information needs to be protected from unauthorized parties (e.g. a user may want to hide his/her position when located in a sensitive area such as a hospital). The protection of the privacy of the user and the confidentiality of this information is essential in these cases.

In this lecture we will present some approaches to preserve the privacy of the users in LBS, as well as discussing their applicability in actual services. First, we will describe some of the most popular LBSs, like georeferenced social networks, and how they deal with users’ privacy concerns. Then, we will study the basic concepts in the privacy field, as well as existing research solutions. For a case study, we will focus on a privacy-aware friend-finder service. Finally, we will evaluate the requirements, conditions and new challenges to be addressed when deploying these solutions in a real-world scenario.

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