Seminar on Community-based Question-Answering Systems by Gao Cong

Time: Monday 30th November, 14:30 – 16:30
Place: Aalborg University, Selma Lagerløfs vej 300, room 02.90

Community Question Answering (CQA) services are Internet services that enable users to ask and answer questions, as well as to search through historical question-answer pairs. Examples of such community-driven knowledge market services include Yahoo! Answers (, WikiAnswers(, etc. This talk will cover the following essential tasks to build a community-based question-answer system.

  1. Extracting Question answering knowledge from online forums, Wikipedia etc.
  2. Finding expert users from the community for a new question such that they have knowledge about the question.
  3. Finding relevant questions and thus answers for a query question.
  4. Classifying questions into a hierarchy of taxonomies (categories)

This talk will introduce some data mining techniques (including sequential pattern mining, classification methods) and information retrieval techniques (popular retrieval models, such as vector space model, language model, and machine translation model) to solve the aforementioned tasks.

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