Seminar about Pattern-Aware Prediction for Moving Objects

Time: Wednesday 8th October, 13:00
Place: Aalborg University, Selma Lagerløfs vej 300, room 0.2.12

This talk deals with an unstudied area in moving objects database domains; predicting (long-term) future locations of moving objects. Moving object prediction enables us to provide a wide range of applications, such as traffic prediction, pre-detection of an aircraft collision, and reporting attractive gas prices for drivers along their routes ahead. Nevertheless, existing location prediction techniques are limited to support such applications since they are generally capable only of short-term predictions.

In real-world, many objects exhibit typical movement patterns. This pattern information is able to serve as an important background to tackle the limitations of the existing prediction methods. We aim at offering foundations of pattern-aware prediction for moving objects, rendering more precise prediction results.

Specifically, this talk focuses on three parts. The first part of the talk studies the problem of predicting future locations of moving objects in Euclidean space. The second part covers the prediction problem for moving objects in network space. The third part of the talk extends the prediction problem for a single object to that for multiple objects.

Hoyoung Jeung has a post-doc position in EFPL, Lausanne (Switzerland) and will be visiting AAU for 2 months.