Sapere Aude Grant for Daisy Researcher Katja Hose


Katja Hose received Sapere Aude Grant from Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond (Independent Research Fund Denmark). Sapere Aude grants aim at providing excellent young researchers, i.e. researchers who have already carried out top-class research in their field, with the opportunity to develop and strengthen their research ideas.

Katja’s project titled “Making the vision of a reliable Web of Data become a reality” aims at developing breakthrough technologies that overcome problems of the current Web of Data not only in terms of availability but also in terms of quality and transparency. The overall vision is to establish a Web of Data whose information can be queried as a reliable service.

The potential impact of this project is huge; a reliable Web of Data will facilitate a broad range of novel applications and use cases and help making the vision of the Semantic Web come true. By enabling intelligent machines to automatically find, process, and understand information, we can, for instance, facilitate computational journalism and fact-checking. By lowering the burden of data providers in terms of maintenance, required expertise, and technical resources, many more datasets will become available, which in turn helps the Web of Data grow and inspire even more applications.

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