TransDB: GPS Data Management with Applications in Collective Transport

Traffic volumes and pollution are on the increase. This trend may be countered by making collective transportation more attractive to its users, thus reducing the use of private cars. One means of achieving this is to offer the users of collective transportation new services. In particular, technological advances in geo-positioning, mobile communications, and computing hardware combine to offer new opportunities for improved collective transport services. We are witnessing a global trend towards public bus services that include on-the-fly, real-time information about bus arrival times to the passengers, via desktop computers and mobile phones on the Internet or via on-line displays at bus terminals and bus stops. This project aims to develop efficient software techniques that utilize GPS data for establishing a better correspondence between the status of buses, most importantly their current positions, and the information about this status as known by the surrounding infrastructure, e.g., the central server and the on-line electronic displays at bus terminals and stops. The project's focus is on the development of algorithms that provide more accurate prediction of the arrival times of buses at bus stops. In doing so, the project also aims to reduce the communication needed between the buses and the infrastructure. Finally, the project will contribute towards improve scheduling.

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