The number of mobile users carrying Internet-enabled smart phones and PDAs are increasing. In the near future, these devices will have accurate location information (within a few meters). These connected and location-aware devices allow for a range of new services.

The objective of the project is to design and prototype an infrastructure that will enable users to create and share context-aware mobile services. The infrastructure should enable easy service creation, i.e., the creation of services without the need for programming; it should apply Web 2.0 community concepts to mobile services and further extend these to address the new setting; and it should enable the delivery of services to millions of users. Put briefly, the objective is to create technology that will enable sites that are for mobile services what YouTube is for video and Flickr is for photos.

The project aims at using the newest technological advanced in diverse areas such as geo-positioning, stream management, mobile communication, and push technologies. The project will contribute with the development of new models and algorithms in these areas.

The project is carried out in co-operation with several partners in industry. An ever-evolving system prototype is available for use by real users. A number of external content providers will deliver rich location- and time-based information.

Slides about streamspin presented at BTW'07 in Aachen, Germany on March 7, 2007. [pdf]

Video demonstrating the proof-of-concept tracking service that is being integrated into the streamspin platform: [YouTube]; [higher quality]

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