FlexOffers: Unified generalized modelling and management of flexibility in electricity demand and supply

This page summarizes open resources underlying the FlexOffer technology.


In collaboration with partners, AAU-Daisy has developed a universal unified way to represent / model flexibilities in energy consumption and production, and this generalized model is called a “FlexOffer”. This concept and the underlying technology have been developed in a number of EU FP7, H2020 and Danish Innovation Fund projects. Below, we provide references to these projects, as well as the key artifacts, summarizing the main findings and contribution.

To get an overview, we suggest the following references and the reading order: P19, R1, S1, P9, R3, R2.


  • MIRABEL (2010-2013) - developed a scalable ICT system for (1) Higher RES integration; (2) Demand-supply balancing; (3) FlexOffer management
  • TOTALFLEX  (2012-2016)– developed and demonstrated a market-based system for flexibility trading and congestion management
  • Arrowhead (2013-2017)– it’s the largest European automation project of all time; It focuses on collaborative automation and interoperability of networked devices in (1) production, (2) end-user services, (3) smart buildings and infrastructure, (4) electro-mobility, and (5) markets of energy.
  • DiCyps (2015-2021) – makes a fundamental research on how to utilize software and data for smarter solutions in heath, traffic, energy, and community service domains
  • GoFlex (2016-2019)- a Horizon 2020 project, which integrate and demonstrate a group of smart-grid technologies for the cost effective use of demand response in distribution grids
  • FED (2019-2023) - a Danish digitalization project aimed at turning Danish electricity consumption flexible to enable excess power production from wind turbines and solar cells.
  • FEVER (2020-2023) - H2020 project that aims at demonstrating and implementing solutions that leverage the potential of flexibility in generation, consumption and storage of electricity.
  • domOS (2020-2023) - H2020 project that designs an IoT system for buildings, and integrates it with smart energy services.

Key project reports

Key papers

A number of papers and reports have been published on the topics related to FlexOffers since 2010. The most relevant ones are given below:

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