European Internet Accessibility Observatory

The goal of the project is to contribute to better e-accessibility for all citizens and to increase the use of standards for online resources. The project will establish the technical basis for a possible European Internet Accessibility Observatory (EIAO) consisting of:

  • A set of web accessibility metrics.
  • An Internet robot for automatically and frequent collecting data on web accessibility and deviations from web standards (the WAI guidelines)
  • A data warehouse providing online access to collected accessibility data.

The collection of web accessibility metrics and the tools for automated data collection and dissemination will be continuously improved by feedback from end users (e.g. policymakers, governmental agencies, associations of disabled people etc.) and user testing to sharpen the relevance of the automatically collected data. All Software developed in the project will be released under an open source license.

Currently there is no systematic overview of the current use of accessibility guidelines in Europe. By providing frequently updated data on web accessibility metrics and deviations from standards of the European websites assessed the EIAO will:

  • Provide quantitative background for policy-making and targeted actions to improve web accessibility.
  • Promote e-accessibility by raising awareness and encouraging competition through benchmarking of accessibility metrics and deviations from standards.
  • Provide background for the discussion of standards and the development of new standards.
  • Contribute to the Lisbon strategy of making Europe the Worlds most competitive knowledge based economy within 2010 by reducing deviations from standards.

The EIAO project will be developed in co-operation and partnership with industry, service providers and users. 

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