eGovernment Monitor (eGovMon)

A massive digitalization of public services is underway. The main challenge in this development is to ensure that the new online services effectively address the real needs of the citizens, businesses and governmental agencies. A system to monitor this development can give a better understanding of how to build good online service for citizens and enterprises.

The eGovMon project is developing methodology and software for quality evaluation of web services, in particular eGovernment services, concerning four areas:

  • Accessibility
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Impact

Additionally eGovMon will provide a policy design tool based on simulation models.

A set of well defined indicators are to be identified for each area, using a coherent assessment methodology. Evaluation results will be gathered through automated tools when possible, and supplemented by surveys, manual assessments and other sources as needed.

Daisy is involved in the eGovMon project together with many international partners. For more information, see

As a supporting activity for eGovMon, Daisy also participates in the eGovernment Monitor Network (eGovMoNet) which will establish a community to review national eGovernment measurement frameworks. The nework focuses on streamlining the efforts across Europe to improve quality and comparability of results.

For more information, see