CITS is a research center that has knowledge within ITS as its focus area. The purpose of CITS is to support and expand cooperation and knowledge exchange among the relevant research environments at Aalborg University, and to support the internal generation of knowledge within research and education in ITS. CITS aims to facilitate the growth of educational activities within ITS at the university.

CITS also has an external focus and coordinates research activities that involve industry cooperation. The purpose is to enable the exchange ofinformation on themes, problem areas, and results within ITS so that both university and industry can build new knowledge. Research collaborations with Aalborg University, the industry in North Jutland, the public sector, and ITS organizations are given high priority.

One main activity for CITS is information dissemination. The center collects and provides information on activities and research within ITS. For example, this happens through collaboration with national and international ITS organizations.

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