BagTrack and NILTEK

BagTrack is a project funded by The Danish Advanced Technology Foundation. The main technology objective of this project is to build a global IT solution to significantly improve the worldwide aviation baggage handling quality. Daisy is responsible for the data management work package that is supposed to handle massive RFID-based baggage data obtained in airports around the world.

NILTEK is a partnering project to BagTrack, intended to establish a network of RFID technology for measuring baggage handling in selected Scandinavia airports. Daisy's research on these two projects fall into three correlated areas: RFID baggage data cleansing, continuous queries on RFID baggage data, and warehousing as well as analyzing huge amounts of RFID baggage data.

In the context of these two related projects, Daisy maintains close collaboration with Lyngsoe Systems A/S, Aalborg Airport, and the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University.

Video of the project: [YouTube]

News: BagTrack news

Participants from Daisy
Torben Bach Pedersen, Professor
Hua Lu, Associate Professor
Xike Xie, Assistant Professor
Shuo Shang, PostDoc/Research Assistant Professor
Tanvir Ahmed, PhD student
Asif Iqbal Baba, PhD student