Open workshop

How to develop and share mobile services with streamspin

The streamspin team

Center for Data-intensive Systems
Department of Computer Science
Aalborg University

Friday, April 20, 14.30
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7, E3-109

In this open workshop, we will show how to create, deploy, and share new mobile services with streamspin.

Streamspin enables seamless integration of a variety of mobile services in one mobile application. In particular, developers can use streamspin’s freely available API for service development.

The API makes it possible to list services in the streamspin service directory, to apply advanced setup forms in services, and to easily push rich content to users. In addition, service developers can access real-time tracking information about the users of a given service through a very simple interface.

All communication and tracking is done by the streamspin backend, and service developers can access all of this functionality with just a few web service calls.

During the workshop it will be demonstrated how to use these web services, including the setup of call-back mechanisms for the real-time user tracking.
A demonstration will be given based on a scenario where an online shopping list is "streamspin enabled."

The workshop ends with a discussion where questions, feedback, and suggestions from the audience for future directions will be appreciated.

After the workshop there will be refreshments.

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