Open house: To Be for Mobile Services What YouTube is for Video

The streamspin team

Center for Data-intensive Systems
Department of Computer Science
Aalborg University

Friday, March 30, 14.15
Location: A4-106

The Internet has recovered from the dot-com crash of the early 2000’s and now features an abundance of new, innovative technologies and services. We are also witnessing the rapid emergence of a communication and computing infrastructure that encompasses millions of people with mobile devices, such as mobile phones, with Internet connectivity. This infrastructure will enable the Internet to go mobile.

This talk describes the background and aspirations of a new research project that is concerned with data management aspects of innovative mobile Internet services. The project envisions a website that enables users to easily create and publish service, to build communities, and to use the available services. Services will often be push-based and context aware.

The approach of the project is to build and evolve a testbed platform that is capable of enabling the functionality provided by the portal. This way, new services will continually be made available to external users.

In addition to covering the vision underlying the project, the talk covers two geo-context components that are being integrated into the system. The first component aims to support the delivery of location-enabled services that rely on the tracking of the continuously changing positions of entire populations of mobile-service users. The second component aims to extend the geo-context of a user to include not only the user’s current location, but also the user’s (anticipated) destination and route towards that destination.

After the talk, there will be refreshments, and members of the team will demonstrate example services to those interested.