New grant for Daisy member

Associate Professors Torben Bach Pedersen from Daisy and Arne Skou from CISS have received a grant of DKK 1,939,680 from The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for the LandIT project.

The LandIT project is an industrial collaboration project that aims to build technologies for communication and data integration between farming devices and other farming-related IT systems, both for operational and business intelligence purposes. The industrial partners in the project are Skov, Lykketronic, Landscentret Dansk Landbrugsrådgivning, Landsforeningen Dan-ske Maskinstationer, and Tekkva Consult. The total project budget, including industrial co-financing, is DKK 3,883,680. Torben Bach Pedersen and Arne Skou serve as joint scientists in charge of the project.

The major part of the grant will be used to fund a Phd project on “Real-Time Data Integration for Farming Devices”, supervised by Torben Bach Pedersen.

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