Meet Daisy at ITS’2007

At this year’s European ITS conference, to take place in Aalborg from June 18 to 20, Daisy staff are involved in a wide range of activities:

Presentation of papers

An open platform for the creation and deployment of transport-related mobile data services.
Monday 18 June, 11.00 – 12.30
Ph.D. Student Rico Wind Bondestuen

Recovery of vehicle trajectories from tracking data for analysis purposes
Monday 18 June, 16.00 – 17.30
Ph.D. Student Dalia Tiesyte Laugstuen

Map matching for Intelligent Speed Adaptation
Monday 18 June, 11.00 – 12.30
Ph.D. Student Nerius Tradisauskas Latinerstuen

Cab-sharing: an effective, door-to-door, on-demand transportation service
Tuesday 19 June, 9:00 – 10:30
Ph.D. Student Gyozo Gidofalvi Laugstuen

Special Session on delivering mobile services.
Tuesday 19 June, 14.00 – 15.30
Professor Christian S. Jensen

Executive Session on mobility services.
Tuesday 19 June, 11.00 – 12.30
Professor Christian S. Jensen
Det Lille Teater

Explaining the future to 9’th graders
The mobile phone as the platform of the future
Wednesday 20 June, 10.45 – 11.00
Rico Wind

The Streamspin team will be present in the lobby throughout the conference.

Come join us!