Lecture on Concepts and Techniques for Flexible and Effective Music Data Management

Time: Friday 25th September 2009, 13:00
Place: Aalborg University, Selma Lagerløfs vej 300, room 02.13

In partial fulfillment of the terms for obtaining the Ph.D.-degree, Francois Deliège will give a lecture on the following subject:
“Concepts and Techniques for Flexible and Effective Music Data Management”

The growth of digital music has yielded a high demand for applications able to organize and search in large music databases. This thesis focuses on the data management aspects that underlie modern music applications: it introduces new conceptual representations for music similarities and playlists; and it proposes effective techniques facilitating the collection, storage, search, and manipulation of music data. The thesis resulted in 7 scientific papers and in a provisional patent.

The thesis begins by presenting the concept of Music Warehouses, dedicated Data Warehouses optimized for the storage and manipulation of music content. The thesis presents four main contributions. First, a scalable framework for collecting music features and distributing the computation of music similarities without infringing copyrights is presented.

Second, the concept of Fuzzy Song Sets is defined to flexibly capture music similarities between pairs of songs. Innovative internal representations and their corresponding implementations of the fundamental operators are studied.Third, the challenges bound to music search in a multidimensional space are addressed. A new bitmap compression scheme, referred to as the Position List Word Aligned Hybrid, is introduced to perform multidimensional range queries.

Fourth, the thesis defines Fuzzy Lists, a novel mathematical concept, which provides a powerful foundation for playlist manipulation.

In conclusion, this thesis covers major issues linked to the management of music similarities and playlists and offers effective and flexible solutions that improve upon existing state-of-the-art techniques. Although the thesis focuses on the music domain, the presented techniques are general and can be applied to other domains; this substantially leverages the impact of the reported results.

Members of the assessment committee are Professor Yannis Manolopoulos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Professor Robert Wrembel, Pozna. University of Technology, Poland, Associate Professor Kristian Torp (Chairman), Aalborg University, Denmark. Professor Torben B. Pedersen is Francois Deliège’ advisor.

All interested parties are welcome. After the defense the department will be hosting a small reception in cluster 3