Launch of Daisy’s web site

Founded towards the end of 2006, Center for Data-intensive Systems (Daisy) is an internationally-oriented research center at Aalborg University, Denmark. At its time of creation, a range of ongoing activities in Department of Computer Science were integrated into Daisy.

Daisy’s Mission
Daisy conducts research, ranging from research with near-term applicability to more speculative research; Daisy offers world-class research training; and through the application of research advances, Daisy creates value for its industrial collaborators.

Daisy’s Vision
The vision covers four key areas of activities:

Science: To be an internationally recognized center that conducts leading-edge research on key topics within data-intensive systems

Innovation: To be a recognized center for supporting technology-driven innovation in information technology

Education: To offer cutting edge, experimentally based training to students and aspiring researchers that emphasizes entrepreneurial values, enabling them to become highly valued members of staff at their future employers

Scientific service: To be respected for demonstrating leadership in the scientific community and to be known for performing timely service that meets the highest standards