Introductory lecture about Multimedia databases

Time: Thursday 22th January, 14:30
Place: Aalborg University, Selma Lagerloefs vej 300, room 0.2.12

Ira Assent will give an overview over her past and current research in multimedia databases.

Many database applications require efficient access to relevant content. Similarity search, for example, retrieves the most relevant database objects for a given query. When databases are large and the features describing the objects are high dimensional, simple one-to-one comparison between the query and all objects in the database is clearly infeasible. Knowledge discovery in databases is similarly slowed down by high dimensional large databases. Knowledge discovery tasks such as classification or clustering require efficient algorithms for large scale applications. Our approaches for runtime improvement include multistep filter-and-refine algorithms and index structures. We provide guarantees on the correctness of the result and demonstrate efficiency in experimental evaluations.