DeMand: A Tool for Evaluating and Comparing Device-Level Demand and Supply Forecast Models

Date(s) - 11/03/2016
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Abstract: Fine-grained device-level predictions of both shiftable and non-shiftable energy demand and supply is vital in order to take advantage of Demand Response (DR) for efficient utilization of Renewable Energy Sources. The selection of an effective device-level load forecast model is a challenging task, mainly due to the diversity of the models and the lack of proper tools and datasets that can be used to validate them. In this paper, we introduce the DeMand system for fine-tuning, analyzing, and validating the device-level forecast models. The system offers several built-in device-level measurement datasets, forecast models, features, and errors measures, thus semi-automating most of the steps of the forecast model selection and validation process. This paper presents the architecture and data model of the DeMand system; and provides a use-case example on how one particular forecast model for predicting a device state can be analyzed and validated using the DeMand system.

Speaker: Bijay Neupane.