Mobile Service Description Language

The current version of the Streamspin server and client only allow services to publish content using HTML constructs, i.e., the content can either beencoded directly in HTML or a web URL can be supplied from which the content will be fetched.

The goal of this project is to develop a language and run-time environment for mobile service content. The language and run-time environment should be portable to different mobile platform (e.g., Windows Mobile phones and Java-enabled Symbian phones), but a single proof of concept implementation is sufficient in the project setting.

The language should allow the developer to describe interactive content allowing for AJAX-like server call-back. Security issues must be described and treated, e.g., access to the API’s of phones must be limited. Actual code (which will probably mostly be AJAX like call-backs) could with advantage be separated from the graphical description, using XAML as inspiration.

The project group will be allowed to directly integrate the implementation in Streamspin, and if a working and stable version is developed, it will be integrated into the production version.