The LandIT project has focus on clarifying the technological issues in standardized data handling systems for farms. A number of standards have been developed, but so far, their actual usage have been limited. An important project issue is to clarify how data from different sources can be integrated and presented in a coherent way. The partners are Center for Embedded Software Systems (CISS), Skov Inc. (Climate Control for Stables), Lykketronic Inc. (Devices for control and monitoring of field machines), The Federation of Tractor Stations, and The Danish Agricultural Advisory Service. Tekkva Consult is the project coordinator.

The proposed specialization project will explore and develop data warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) technology for the LandIT project. The LandIT case is interesting since the data sources contain large amounts of sensors and moving devices (tractors with GPS, farming machines, etc.), the data volumes are potentially quite large, and the The project will develop technologies for integrating data from farming devices and using the data for business intelligence purposes. The solution will be based on the concept of conformed dimensions, and use conformed dimensions to realize a solution that is both powerful, efficient, and easy to set up and maintain. The technologies should be demonstrated in a concrete prototype system.