Data Generation Tool

Daisy students present the ultimate and groundbreaking data generation tool.

The tool is full-automatic and follows a click-once strategy. It is proved to generate up to 1 terabyte of data, and it runs faster than dedicated Perl scripts. At the same time the data generation tool is generic and as of today supports 6 different DBMSs, and it is easily extendable with both new output-options, new data-types, new distributions, and new functions.

The development of the data generation tool started out as a bi-product of the research into DBMS benchmarking. The two students, Rico Wind and Kenneth Houkjær, had developed a generic DBMS benchmarking tool, but needed generic test data. However, the data generation soon became the main objective of their research. With a groundbreaking tool as the outcome.

In September 2006 Rico and Kenneth, together with supervisor Kristian Torp, presented the tool at the 32nd International Conference on Very Large Data Bases in Seoul, Korea, where it attracted a substantial interest.

As of summer 2006, both Rico and Kenneth are employed by Daisy, and aim to present more of the involved research to the community in the future.

Read more or download the tool for free here.