Being part of Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University, Daisy offers courses and project-based training to a substantial number of students on a variety of exciting topics within data-intensive systems. The training is typically experimentally based and emphasizes entrepreneurial values, enabling students to become highly valued members of staff at their future employers.

Daisy offers training in the following educational programs:

M.Sc. Education: In the context of primarily two 5-year M.Sc. programs, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Daisy offers project-based training on all semesters, ranging from the first semester to the final semester where the M.Sc. thesis is written.

Daisy also offers courses on topics such as Advanced Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Programming Paradigms, Languages and Compilers, Mobile Software Technologies, Data Warehousing and Machine Learning, and Database Systems.

International Master's Program in Data Engineering: Daisy runs a complete International Masters training program in Data Engineering. This 2-year program is run entirely in English and there is no tuition for citizens of the European Union. To cover living expenses, Daisy offers student programmer jobs to the best international students who study in this program.

Ph.D. Education: Daisy offers training of Ph.D. Candidates within the program Computer Science and Engineering under The International Doctoral School of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University. The training features close collaboration with Senior Staff, a wide range of courses given by both national and international researchers, and collaboration with international research organizations outside Denmark.

Industry: Daisy offers courses for industry on request.

For illustration and inspiration, this section also lists student project proposals within data-intensive systems, as well as a selection of recent student projects that proved particularly successful.