Daisy Xmas Event

Time: Friday, December 7th, 15:00
Location: 0.2.12

On Friday, 7th December, it will take place the annual Christmas celebration in Daisy. The event will be hold in our new building “Cassiopeia” located in Selma Lagerlöfs Vej 300, and will open with a presentation by Dr. Xuegang Huang regarding the work he is currently involved in on Data Warehousing in Danske Bank.

The lecture will be followed by a reception and some refreshments in room 0.2.13. During this second part of the event the participants will have the opportunity to talk and exchange ideas with both the Daisy group members as well as external partners.

Abstract for the talk:
Data Warehouses were first developed in the late 1980s to meet a growing demand for information management and analysis that could not be met by operational systems. After nearly two decade’s development, the data warehousing technology has enabled most enterprises in our planet to establish their data warehouses and new issues are still upcoming due to the growing and changing business requirements.
The concept of enterprise data warehouse (EDW) has evolved from a simple data store of an organization’s historical data to an active repository that consolidates data of various source systems, feeds high quality data to support critical business intelligence applications, and simplifies the management of metadata and master data in the data integration process.
In this presentation, we will go over the past of data warehousing concepts and discuss quite a few popular EDW issues in the current technology world.