Daisy Seminar: Debugging With Record/Replay

Daisy Seminar: Debugging With Record/Replay
Gustav Wibling, VMware
Friday, November 23, 1PM, in 0.1.95 (Auditorium)

We are going to demonstrate how Record/Replay technology can be use to analyze difficult software problems: memory corruption, race conditions (including race conditions in network applications), etc.

The Record/Replay technology allows the user to efficiently record the execution of the virtual machine and then replay it with instruction-level precision. This makes all bugs 100% reproducible and enables debugging techniques that were not feasible before.

There will be a few demos: one will demonstrate basic record/replay on Windows, one will show more advanced use, and will show how record/replay can be used for Linux application debugging. We are going to explain how recording of software running in production allows doing correctness inspection and forensics research – with no downtime.

About the speaker:
Gustav Wibling is a staff engineer at VMware. He joined VMware in August 2001 and has worked on several different projects since then. Currently Gustav is the technical lead for the VMCI framework. Before joining VMware Gustav graduated at University of Aarhus, Denmark with a masters in Computer Science.