Daisy Elite Education

Elite Masters education granted to Daisy

In recognition of the excellent research conducted at Daisy, the Faculty of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University has granted Daisy an elite Masters program in data-intensive systems, starting September 2011. The elite program is an extended version of the existing Masters programs in computer science and software engineering. The program is aimed at highly skilled students with high grades for the bachelor degree. The students will work with particularly challenging projects within the Daisy core topics of data management, mobile services, and programming technology, aiming at achieving results than can contribute directly to Daisy’s research and be published in conferences and journals.

In addition to the regular study activities, elite students will follow special courses and seminars, including selected Ph.D. courses.

For further information, contact the head of the Elite Program in Data-intensive Systems, Professor Torben Bach Pedersen, tbp@cs.aau.dk