Daisy and Targit to develop Business Intelligence of the Future

TARGIT and researchers from Daisy have just started a 3 year research project that aims to improve the quality of the decisions that are made based on TARGIT’s BI Suite system. The goal is to develop a method that allows the user to get an overview of any situation faster and more precisely, and thus become even better at making decisions and reacting dynamically in relation to the surrounding world.

The Daisy BI researchers, led by Associate Professor Torben Bach Pedersen, are experts in utilizing complex and web-based data for BI purposes, which opens new possibilities for the types of data managers can base their decisions on.

“The faster a manager can react with a correct and thorough analysis and a subsequent decision, the better are the chances that the enterprise can react dynamically to a critical event. In the complex and globalized world that we live in, this requires a kind of “radar” in the BI tools, and this radar is what we are going to set a new standard for together with the researchers from Daisy. The research group is internationally renowned, so we have great expectations for the research in the coming years” says TARGIT CTO Morten Middelfart.

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