In Daisy, we seek collaboration! Daisy maintains an active program of industrial as well as traditional and interdisciplinary academic collaboration that spans student-based projects, networking activities, and funded research projects.

As research collaborators, we aim to make the most out of the opportunities given to us, and we make a point out of being independent of corporate interests. We are primarily technology-driven, and we strive to be innovative, passionate, and committed. A key objective is to create value for Daisy's collaborators.

Daisy's collaborations with users of technology typically offer benefits to both parties. Daisy will gain insight into real challenges, which will inspire and offer direction for research. This will then yield more relevant and novel results. In addition, the researchers in Daisy can often contribute with new insight and help develop new solutions.

Collaboration with vendors of data-intensive products and services provide opportunities to integrate Daisy research results and ideas into existing products and services, and may lead to the development of new products and services based on new research results.

Since research is at the core of Daisy's mission, collaboration proposals from other computer science or IT researchers for joint research are always more than welcome. This applies to informal research of topics of mutual interest
where synergy may occur, as well as to more formalized research, where we jointly seek to establish externally funded projects.

Daisy has been active in contributing to the activities in the Nouhauz organization. The main context of collaboration is within the Daisy Innovation project