Daisy's daily management consists of Christian S. Jensen (director) and Torben Bach Pedersen (vice-director). Hanne Frøde offers administrative support. The members of Daisy are primarily from Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University.

Advisory board

Daisy has an advisory board that consists of:

Harry Lahrmann, Associate Professor, Department of Development and Planning. Director of the department's Division of Urban Planning, Roads and Traffic as well as the Traffic Research Group within this division.

Søren Holdt Jensen, Professor, Department of Electronic Systems. Director of the department's Section for Multimedia Information and Signal Processing and Director of the International Doctoral School of Technology and Science at the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Medicine, Aalborg University.

John Johansen, Professor, Department of Production. Director of Center for Industrial Production at Aalborg University.

The advisory board meets twice per year with Daisy's management. The board supports Daisy's interdisciplinary mission.